Is that a fair price to pay for a first-ever championship? Or is it harsh? Stephen Strasburg, 35, has retired with $150 million left on his contract.

USA Today and others reported on Friday that Strasburg will end his career. It is believed that he has not been able to overcome his ongoing injuries.

Strasburg will hold a news conference on Sept. 10 (Sept. 9) at Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals, to announce his retirement.

The problem is that Strasburg hasn’t had a single good season since signing a seven-year, $245 million contract, and he still has three years and $150 million left on his deal.
Strasburg pitched just 31 1/3 innings in the three years between the 2020 season and last year. During that time, he went just 1-4 with a 6.89 ERA.

That means Strasburg will be paid about $8.75 million per inning on the seven-year contract he signed after the 2019 season. That’s a staggering figure. 메이저사이트

Washington won its first championship in 2019. The Nats signed Strasburg, who was named the World Series Most Valuable Player (MVP), to an unreasonable contract.
Since then, Strasburg hasn’t performed as well as many expected. The price of that first championship was seven years and $245 million.

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