Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has claimed that he did not want to sign Erling Haalan.

British media ‘TalkSport’ reported on the 7th (local time), “Former Manchester City midfielder Harman insisted that Haalan did not develop Manchester City in the long term and that Pep did not want to sign him.”

Hollan is a ‘monster’ striker that the world is paying attention to. After conquering the Bundesliga, he stepped onto the stage of the English Premier League (EPL) wearing a Manchester City uniform ahead of this season. His great scoring sense shone in the EPL as well.

He scored 25 goals in 20 league matches. 31 goals in 28 matches for Man City. However, his pace has slowed down a bit since the World Cup break compared to before, scoring 7 goals in 11 matches. In particular, when losing 0-1 in the previous match against Tottenham Hotspur, Hollan could not show anything by recording 0 touches in the box and 0 effective shots.

‘Talk Sports’ commented, “The question arose about Halan’s compatibility at Man City. Harman emphasized that Haalan did not fit the Pep style.” Harman said through ‘Talk Sports’, “Halan is the opposite of Man City’s style. 먹튀검증 Man City builds with a rhythm and wants to bring flexibility to the game. But Halan is not.”

“I don’t think Halan is the right player for Manchester City at all. Halan is a player who specializes in counter-attacking. At Manchester City, after too many passes, the ball goes to him. Halan doesn’t develop Manchester City in the long run. Pep never wanted to. He wasn’t a player. I was very surprised when Haalan went to Manchester City.”

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