“I hope I can give them a little bit of strength.”

Son Heung-min (Tottenham) gave a precious gift to children battling pediatric cancer. Heung-min made a surprise appearance at the AIA Life “Son★Moa Wish” event at the Global Knowledge Cooperation Complex in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, on April 4 and had a great time with the children. Son Heung-min is an ambassador for AIA Life.

According to the organizers, the children were unaware that Heung-min was attending the event. While playing ball on the outdoor lawn, the children’s eyes widened and their faces lit up with excitement when the moderator said they could call for Son Heung-min to come. The children shouted, “Come out, Son Heung-min,” and Son Heung-min came out with a bright expression on his face. The children’s expressions were a mix of surprise and joy as he revealed his true self.

Heung-min immediately approached the children in groups and started coaching them for the day. He bent down to make direct eye contact with the children, smiling and chatting with them the whole time. He praised each of their gestures and cheered them on. It was an unforgettable experience for the children to learn how to play ball directly from Son Heung-min.

Afterwards, Heung-min taught the children his signature ‘click’ trick and took a commemorative photo with the group. After the snap, Heung-min joined the children in making sparkling stars with his two hands and putting them together to make a hand heart. It was a ceremony according to the name of the event. The children smiled brightly as they imitated Son Heung-min’s gesture.

Heung-min also gave the children memories when he took a commemorative photo. After taking the photo, he made eye contact with the children and gave them a hand greeting, or he gave them a high five with their hands and gave them an ‘uncle smile’. It was a short time, but from start to finish, it was a precious gift for the children and a memorable moment for their families. 안전놀이터

Through the organizers, a child with childhood cancer said, “It was like a dream to see Son Heung-min, who I had only seen on TV, make a surprise appearance and spend time with him today. I was so happy. I hope to get healthy in the future and become a great sports player like Son Heung-min.”

After the event, Heung-min said, “It wasn’t a long time, but I hope we were able to create unforgettable memories. I hope it was a time when I could give you a little bit of strength,” he said, laughing, “I will be Heungmin Son, who will strive to live longer and healthier with AIA Life and do more activities for a better life.”

Son, who is currently in Korea for the off-season, has been making meaningful contributions to children. Last month, he visited his hometown of Chuncheon, where a youth soccer tournament was named after him, and warmly encouraged the future of Korean soccer. Last year, he sent a congratulatory video, but this year, he visited the field to present gifts. Son Heung-min’s actions during the off-season are giving children dreams and hope.

Meanwhile, AIA Life, which organized the event, is also conducting an online campaign called “Hand by Hand Collecting Wish” with Son Heung-min. This is a matching grant type of donation campaign, and it is easy to participate by clicking ‘Donate’ on AIA Life’s website until the 28th. AIA Life will donate KRW 5,000 to the Korean Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for every click on the ‘Join Donation’ button on its website. AIA Life will also provide various prizes for participants who draw and post their ‘personalized star’ on their social media accounts.

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