Kim Cheon finished redecorating his home ahead of the home opener after 156 days.

Sangmu Kim played the 5th round of the Hanawon Q K League 2 2023 against Gyeongnam FC at 1:30 pm on the 2nd at Gimcheon Sports Complex.

The Kimcheon team was busy. This is because it was the first home opener of the season to meet fans after 156 days at home.

Gimcheon has only played away games since the opening in March due to maintenance work on the natural grass at the stadium.

The Gimcheon team took advantage of this period to launch a homeroom refurbishment project. It is about changing the atmosphere inside and out.

A new emblem photo zone was installed in addition to the large photo zone for the zone mascot Shuwoong in front of the variable seat entrance of the Gimcheon Sports Complex.

In addition, Shuwoongine, a product shop, added a sense of belonging by wrapping it with a team design. Along with the installation of sculptures, movable shelves and mannequins were installed, and uniforms could be worn, raising the desire to consume.

Kim Cheon even installed decorations to boost the team’s morale. With the desire for promotion, the phrases ‘AGAIN 2021 again, towards a new history’ and ‘AGAIN 2021, LET’S 2023 once again the glory of winning’ were engraved.

The weather was in the spirit of spring. It was windy, but it was perfect for an outing. This led to intuition.

Gimcheon’s season home opening ceremony was attended by Gimcheon Mayor, Gimcheon City Chairman, and other political figures and delivered congratulatory messages. 스포츠토토

Before the home opening of Gimcheon, 5964 fans visited the home opening game for the first time in 156 days and enjoyed the changed atmosphere of Gimcheon Sports Complex.

Food truck lines lined up to quench hunger, and camera shutters were pressed to commemorate the home opener and spring at the photo zone.

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