Suwon Samsung fans booed Suwon Mayor Lee Jae-joon’s poem.

25th at 2pm. Suwon World Cup Stadium (alias ‘Big Bird’) held the opening game of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ between Suwon and Gwangju FC.

The ‘Hyundai Derby’ between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai and the ‘Gyeongin Derby’ between FC Seoul and Incheon United held on the same day attracted much attention, but the match between Suwon and Gwangju was also not to be missed.

Suwon had a hard time staying until the promotion playoffs (PO) last season, and this season is aiming for a rebound. On the other hand, Gwangju won the K-League 2 last year with overwhelming results and entered the first division. It was a game that Suwon, who wanted to revive the famous family, and Gwangju, who wanted to prove their competitiveness in the K-League 1, could not back down.

The stadium atmosphere was also hot. Suwon’s supporters’ seats, N seats, sold out on the day of the match. In addition, the ‘Blue Point Fan Shop’, where MD products are sold, was also filled with fans. Anticipation for the opening game was rising.

However, at the Sichuan event before the game, Suwon fans booed. On this day, Mayor Lee and Gyeonggi Governor Kim Dong-yeon visited the Suwon World Cup Stadium and held a ceremony. Mayor Lee greeted Suwon with a wish for a victory and congratulated them, but the booing continued.

Mayor Lee took office as owner of Suwon FC from 2020, when he began his term. Suwon fans were strongly dissatisfied with the somewhat difficult situation in which the owner of Suwon FC, a local rival, was playing at Suwon’s home stadium. It was confirmed that the city axis was also requested by Suwon City. 메이저놀이터

In addition, Mayor Lee’s past remarks were also a cause for booing. Mayor Lee said at the inauguration ceremony for the 5th Suwon FC head coach Choi Soon-ho held on the 2nd of last month, “There is a Suwon Sports Complex, but I think using the Suwon World Cup Stadium is a good idea. I will discuss it with the provincial governor and the Suwon club.”

An official from the soccer world said, “Suwon fans’ dissatisfaction grew due to Mayor Lee Jae-joon’s remarks about the home stadium. He explained that he was booed before the opening game as he showed the appearance of invading the home stadium at the same time as the rival owner.”

The results of the match were also not good. Suwon knocked on Gwangju’s goal several times, but goalkeeper Kim Kyung-min saved it. Suwon was struck by Asani in the 43rd minute of the second half and allowed a goal, eventually losing 0-1. For Suwon fans, it was an opening game that made them unable to laugh before and after the game.

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