“Thanks to the laundry and cleaning staff” Choo Shin-soo’s echo of the staff gift

Choo Shin-soo (SSG Landers), who contributed to the team’s ‘Wire to Wire’ victory last year, continues this year as well.

The SSG club said in a press release on the 5th, “Choo Shin-soo sent a gift of appreciation worth a total of 50 million won to 55 officials who worked hard for the SSG team last year on the 4th (Wednesday) to celebrate the New Year of the Year 2023.”

Targets include club bus drivers, home stadium lockers, laundry, cleaning, players cafeteria, groundskeepers, cheerleaders, training assistants, etc. Choo Shin-soo thanked those who helped the players on and off the field and delivered a Shinsegae gift certificate as a gift.

A little unfamiliar in the KBO league line, but a familiar picture in the US
In the American Major League (MLB), regardless of team victory, individual players often express their gratitude in their own way to those who work hard for the team at the end of the season. It is a little unfamiliar in the KBO league, 40 years after the league was launched.

Each player has different ways of expressing themselves, such as giving tips or sending gifts. Above all, the key to expressing gratitude lies in the recognition that it is difficult to record any achievements without the efforts and help of those who are working hard to support the players and the team’s performance, as they greatly contribute to the performance of the players and the team’s performance.

Choo Shin-soo, who delivered heartwarming news from the beginning of the year, said, “I have thought that because these people have a heart that loves and cares for our players, good energy and energy gather to prevent injuries and improve individual player records. I think people’s contributions are significant,” he said.

“If we share the joy of winning and express our gratitude to these people, they will feel a sense of mission, belonging, and pride to the club, which will generate loyalty to our team. As a result, our team will become a better team. I think it will be,” he said.

Choo Shin-soo said, “I wanted to express my gratitude even if I didn’t win last year, but I think it’s more meaningful because I won. I’m so proud of our team for the recent players voluntarily expressing their gratitude to the people involved through fundraising. It seems,” he added.

‘Culture Change’ Choo Shin-soo showed a lot in a short time
Choo Shin-soo, 메이저놀이터 who entered the KBO league under the condition of an annual salary of 2.7 billion won, has been constantly voicing his voice since the first year (2021). He pointed out the poor facilities of domestic stadium facilities, and raised his voice saying that it was not an easy environment for away players to digest the game.

Here, as a former big leaguer, he showed ‘leading by example’. He arrived at the stadium early, prepared for the game according to his routine, and led his juniors with play that did not shy away from the ground.

There were also ‘good deeds’. At the time of the contract in 2021, according to the announcement that he would donate 1 billion won out of the annual salary of 2.7 billion won to social contribution activities, he carried out the ‘Dream Landing Project’ and delivered baseball scholarships to his alma mater. He also delivered items such as bats and gloves as gifts to players on the team with low salaries.

Last year, warming jumpers were donated to youth players belonging to the Incheon Metropolitan City Baseball Softball Association, and the ‘Hope Landing Campaign’ was conducted, which consisted of a support program for soldiers and youths who measured odors. Shin-soo Choo not only took care of the players he played with on the ground, but also wanted to contribute to the local community.

Choo Shin-soo is burdened with performance, but he is even playing the role of a ‘culture changer’ to spread a good culture, including exercise routines, training environments, donations, and clubhouse readings. I hope that these changes can be established as a ‘culture’ in the KBO league in the long term.