You’re not as good as you appear. Unlike his teammates, he doesn’t have a ‘high point’.

This is the story of Busan’s “hairy ace,” Straylor. Since his last start against the KT Wiz on June 8, he’s pitched just 24 1/3 innings in five games. His ERA is just 4.81.

Lotte manager Larry Sutton, who met with him after the rainout against the Hanwha Eagles on June 4, reflected on the game against the Doosan Bears on June 2: “His command was inconsistent and he got himself into trouble.” 토토사이트

In his last five games, Straylor has allowed five runs (four earned) in five innings, six runs in four innings, no runs in five innings, one run in 5⅓ innings, and two runs in five innings.

The numbers don’t look too bad for a slump. However, the majority of his outings have been “clutch pitches” in which he’s managed to get out of trouble, and the quality of his work has been frustrating, especially since he’s averaging less than five innings per outing over the last five games. He may have his ups and downs, but he’s a far cry from the untouchable Barnes. He doesn’t look like the ace he is supposed to be.

“It wasn’t like I was striking out a lot or not pitching well, but I was inconsistent. I was working the count, and I was getting myself in trouble. There were times when we got some help from the defense, like the infield fly, and there were some mistakes by Seung-min Ko, but we had the bullpen, so we decided it was better to go with Straily and try to win the game quickly. We lost, but the bullpen did a great job after the sixth inning, which gave us a chance to tie the game.”

In other words, he put more trust in the bullpen, including Kim Jin-wook and Kim Sang-soo, than he did in the ‘outside ace’, Straily. Strillie himself is well aware of the mood. Since mid-June, Strillie has shaved off his trademark bushy beard.

In July, can he make a magical comeback like he did in May? This is Straylor in crisis.

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