Song Tae-seop’s advance into the US? Will it make sense?

‘The First Slam Dunk’ is a hit in Korea with over 2 million viewers. Slam Dunk will end on the 7th in Korea. I’m going to do a spoiler-filled review on the assumption that everyone has seen it. If you want to see it again, please read this article and see it from a new perspective.

The reporter grew up dreaming of becoming a basketball reporter while watching Slam Dunk. When he was in middle school, he was a boy who liked basketball even though he was not good at it, like Park Gyeong-tae, the ‘check man’ of Neungnam High School. In the days when there was no internet, he saw Park Kyung-tae’s older sister, Park Ha-jin, a reporter for ‘Weekly Basket Ball’, and knew that there was a job as a basketball reporter, and realized his dream of becoming a basketball reporter.

Even the reporter who grew up watching Slam Dunk had a dream about the United States, the home of basketball. So he went to study in the US. He is also the only reporter in the United States who has covered Jin-su Choi, Hyeon-joong Lee, and Jae-min Yang, all of whom went to college, on the spot. In the final scene of The First Slam Dunk, a Japanese reporter covering Jung Woo-sung in the United States appears. He seemed to have seen the reporter’s appearance, so he ‘sighed’. The final scene of Slam Dunk seems to be best described by a reporter. 먹튀검증

At the end of ‘The First Slam Dunk’, there is a scene where Song Tae-seop goes to the US to study basketball and faces Jung Woo-sung in the US high school league. It is an unconventional setting that did not exist in the original. In the original work, Seo Tae-woong consults Ahn, saying, “I want to go to America,” and expresses his will several times to Jung Woo-sung, saying, “I will go too.” There is also a scene where Mr. Ahn’s former student Jaejoong Cho dies in an accident after failing as a player in the United States. However, there was no scene where Song Tae-seop said he wanted to go to America.

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