“Open the gate!”

It is a dark morning before the sun rises. Thousands of people are standing in an endless line at the entrance of the convention hall. They keep screaming for the door to open. At 7:00 am, the closed iron windows open and the galleries sprint toward the 16th hole. The so-called ‘open run’ phenomenon occurred to preoccupy the best seat in the ‘famous’ 16th hole. The first-place gallery enjoyed the joy of running while giving high-fives to the officials. The gallery stand in Hall 16, which accommodates 17,000 galleries, quickly became full. 안전놀이터

This happened on the 12th (Korean time) at the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour WM Phoenix Open (total prize money of 20 million dollars) held at Scottsdale TPC (par 71) in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Even local police officers were deployed out of fear of colliding galleries and the risk of injury. According to US Golf.com, some fans slept in front of the tournament around 9:00 pm the previous day and woke up at 2:00 am to line up to enter the 16th hole. Their goals are clear. The goal is to get to the 16th hole as quickly as possible.

The 16th hole, reminiscent of the ‘Colosseum’, a Roman gladiator arena with a huge stand, is the noisiest hole on the PGA Tour. US Open champion John Rahm (Spain) says, “The decibel increases exponentially at the 16th hole every year.” Last year, when Sam Ryder (USA) and Carlos Ortiz (Mexico) hit a hole-in-one on the 16th hole, excited galleries produced a frantic scene throwing beer cans and soda bottles onto the green. Play was halted for 15 minutes as hostesses cleaned up the debris.

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