Together, they are 79 years old. It’s safe to retire, but I’m going to continue my active life. The performance of the New York Mets is expected to depend on their shoulders. This is the story of Justin Verlander (40) and Max Scherzer (39).

The American media ‘Sports Illustrated’ presented three conditions for the Mets to win the World Series on the 26th (Korean time). The most important thing is, of course, the ‘health’ of Verlander and Scherzer, who achieved a one-two punch. The media threw a question mark on the physical condition of the veterans, saying, “It is questionable whether the two will be able to maintain their health throughout the season.”

The Mets have worked hard to maintain a solid starting rotation this winter. Jacob deGrom was lost to the Texas Rangers, but Verlander was immediately recruited to fill the void. They lost their best pitcher, but the vacancy was filled by a Hall of Fame nominee.

Verlander recorded 18 wins and 4 losses with a 1.75 ERA in 28 games last season, and vomited the spirit of rising to first place in both the most wins and ERA in the American League. Despite taking two years off because of his injury, Verlander showed off his strength. In the postseason, he led the Houston Astros to the World Series championship.

However, it is a flaw that Verlander’s age is not small. Even more so because of his injury history. The media expressed concern about Verlander’s health, saying, “Verlander remained healthy throughout the regular season and postseason. He helped Houston win the World Series. However, after undergoing Tommy John surgery in 2020, he missed two years.” . 카지노

Scherzer is also in a situation ahead of the fire. He showed his best performance last season, going 11-5 with a 2.29 earned run average in 23 games, but struggled with injuries. There were times when he complained of his pain during games and there were times when he got off the mound himself.

It is unavoidable that durability decreases with age. This is the reason why Verlander and Scherzer’s physical condition is more concerned. Still, as long as he’s healthy, he can build a powerful one-two punch. The media evaluated, “If the Mets are to become a World Series contender in 2023, the health of Verlander and Scherzer will depend a lot.”

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