The butterfly effect according to the previous level of movement.

The V-League Women’s Division closed the FA (free agent) market on the 22nd. Five of the 20 players who obtained FA qualifications moved their enemies, and the nomination of compensation players following the transfer was completed.

Three out of five players in the new uniform are group A (annual salary of over 100 million won). Park Jeong-ah (Korea Expressway Corporation → Pepper Savings Bank), Hwang Min-kyung (Hyundai E&C → IBK Industrial Bank), and Kim Su-ji (IBK Industrial Bank → Heungkuk Life Insurance) are the main characters. The women’s division fluctuated again according to the regulations that required one player to be compensated or a transfer fee equivalent to 300% of the previous season’s annual salary to be paid to the original club.

The Korea Expressway Corporation nominated Lee Go-eun as the setter. After obtaining FA qualification after the 2021-2022 season, he moved his enemy to Pepper Savings Bank for a total compensation of 990 million won (300 million won in annual salary, 30 million won in options) for 3 years, and returned to his home team as a compensation player.

Lee Go-eun, who played 122 sets in 33 matches last season and came in 4th in the set, is expected to help her relatively weak setter position. The Korea Expressway Corporation explained, “We plan to minimize power leakage due to the departure of key players.”

Hyundai E&C brought outside heater Kim Joo-hyang. When Hwang Min-kyung left the team, he reinforced a spot in the wing that had been left blank.

Kim Joo-hyang is also returning to her former team. Having joined Hyundai E&C in the 3rd place in the first round of the 2017-2018 season, he earned FA qualification in 2019 and wore the IBK IBK uniform as a compensation player who transferred from IBK Industrial Bank to Hyundai Engineering & Construction. has been moved

Hyundai E&C said, “After receiving a list of protected players, we nominated Kim Joo-hyang after thinking that he would be helpful to the team in defense and attack.”

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea nominated middle blocker Lim Hye-rim. Lim Hye-rim is a rookie who joined Heungkuk Life Insurance in the second place in the first round last season. Last season she played in 18 matches and 30 sets, posting 18 points. She was mainly used as a one-point blocker. IBK Industrial Bank said, “It is to secure future resources with great height, excellent jumping power, and strong attack power.” 토토사이트

It is the butterfly effect brought about by the all-time free agent market. As the nomination of compensation players is closed, a total of eight players, including players who moved to free agents and compensation players, are expected to play in the V-League wearing new uniforms for the next season.

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