Tottenham Hotspur have accepted an offer from Bayern Munich.

“Bayern have reached an agreement with Tottenham over the signing of Kane,” global sports publication The Athletic reported on Tuesday (July 10). It added that the offer accepted by Tottenham was more than 100 million euros ($140.5 billion) and that it was now up to Kane to decide.

Bayern have been actively pursuing Kane this summer. They planned to sign the English Premier League (EPL)’s second all-time leading scorer (213 goals) to fill the void left by Robert Lewandowski’s departure to Barcelona last summer. Kane, thirsty for a professional title, was also interested in joining Bayern, who have won 11 consecutive Bundesliga titles.

The key was to convince Tottenham. Tottenham had been adamant two years earlier and blocked Kane’s move to Manchester City. The difference this time was that Kane had a year left on his contract, but they weren’t about to let him go. Bayern’s chief executive met with Spurs chairman Daniel Levy in person to negotiate, only to be met with disagreement.

With the transfer stalled, Kane set a deadline. Reports followed that he would stay beyond the start of the 2023-2024 season. If Kane stayed this year, he would be eligible for free agency next season, giving him more freedom to explore new destinations. 안전놀이터

As Tottenham’s first league game of the new season against Brentford, which kicks off at 10 p.m. on Sept. 13, approached, it looked like a deal for Kane would fall through, but the tide turned when Bayern made a bid of more than €100 million. Tottenham couldn’t afford to let their biggest star go for nothing, especially to a club in the EPL.

Now it’s up to Kane to decide if the deal goes through, with The Athletic reporting that “Kane was leaning towards staying. It is unknown how he will react now.”

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