If it is the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March, most pay attention to the pace of the players. If you are a member of their team or a fan of that team, you will not be able to take your eyes off the condition of the participating players after the competition. 안전놀이터

Among them, the people who have the most to worry about may be the officials of the relevant team who have to fill the void that the national team was given a coach from the preparation period for the tournament. This is because the supervisory vacuum in February and March, when there are many decisions to be made in many ways, may increase depending on the case.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) also has its own principle of consideration. In the case of this national team, the training ground is the same as that of KT, the team coach Lee Kang-cheol belongs to.

After January, KT plans to hold a spring camp at Kino Sports Complex in Arizona, USA, and on February 14, representative players will enter the same space and start training. KT coach Lee Kang-cheol and national team coach will lead ‘two houses’ in the same space with multiple baseball fields. As coach Lee, we can expect to minimize the gap in the selection of the national team.

However, in early March, the national team will return to Korea and stay there for two to three days before flying to Tokyo, Japan, where the first round of the tournament will be held. At the point when the actual game mode of each professional baseball team is in full swing, it seems that KT will inevitably have a supervisory vacancy. Moreover, KT’s 2nd team coach Kim Ki-tae has also joined the national team as a coaching staff, so KT’s 1st team head coach Kim Tae-gyun and 2nd team head coach Seo Yong-bin will lead the team for a month in March. 안전놀이터

It’s not easy to generalize about the size of the WBC director’s draft void.For example, in 2006, when the first WBC was held, and in 2009, when the second tournament was held, Hanwha coach Kim In-sik served as the command tower at the time of both tournaments. It was worth evaluating that there was a partial influence.

In the 1st tournament in 2006, even the national team’s training ground was set up in Fukuoka, Japan, not the Hanwha camp (Hawaii), so the manager’s vacancy was longer, but Hanwha finished the year as runner-up in the Korean Series by finishing 3rd in the postseason in the regular season. . However, in 2009, when Hanwha and the national team started warming up at the same time at the Hawaii camp, the national team showed the best performance, but Hanwha struggled, falling from 5th place the previous year to the bottom. Coach Kim In-sik left the team due to the team’s poor performance even after giving a big gift to Korean baseball through the national team.

If there is a difference between Hanwha in 2006 and Hanwha in 2009, there was a difference in the team composition. In 2006, when Hanwha veterans were the pillars, there were many players who took care of themselves. That year, Ryu Hyun-jin, the “monster” who won the Rookie of the Year MVP at the same time, joined the team and provided new impetus to the entire team. In 2009, bad news continued, such as the thinning of the player base due to the departure of veterans and the line injuries of key players such as Kim Tae-gyun and Lee Beom-ho. From the manager’s point of view, if it was regrettable that he did not have the capacity to prepare a ‘Plan B’ during the preparation stage for the season, it would have been regrettable.

Director Lee Kang-cheol starts hunting for ‘two rabbits’ in Arizona. The goal is to laugh twice as loudly, spring and fall.

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