For Kim Jun-hong “Light Jun-hong” Kim, 20, the soccer career has just begun again.

He was the backbone of South Korea’s defense at the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023, which concluded in Argentina in June. He made one unbelievable save after another. Fans cheered him on with the word “light” in front of his name.

In the summer of his twenties, those hot days in Argentina were a thing of the past. Kim Jun-hong has a huge professional stage ahead of him. After making his professional debut with Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2021, Kim lasted just eight games in the K League. In 2021 and 2022, he played two games each. This year, he played four games for Gimcheon Commerce.

Kim started the 26th round home match of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 between Gimcheon and Seoul Eland at Gimcheon Sports Complex on March 15. It was his fourth game of the season, and he played the full match, helping Gimcheon to a 4-0 victory. Gimcheon remained in first place.

After the game, Kim Jun-hong said, “I’m really happy that we were able to win with a clean sheet. Compared to the U-20 World Cup, I think the level of the professional game is higher. The tempo is also faster. (Gimcheon) has a lot of good players. At the World Cup, it was more of an ‘ugh’ atmosphere with my friends. In Gimcheon, I’m doing it with a lot of help,” he laughed.

The players who made it to the final four at the U-20 World Cup are focused on competing with themselves. “I have a lot of friends who did well at the U-20 World Cup,” he said. Some of them came back and played for the team, some didn’t. I told them that what they did was good, and that they should work harder and see each other at a higher level. Coach Kim Eun-joong also emphasized, ‘It’s most important to take your strengths with you, but fill in the gaps and go back and play. I’m trying to do that,” he said.

“Some of my friends are getting attention in Europe, and some of my friends have gone to Europe. I’m envious and I think it’s great. But it’s not just one opportunity after the U-20 World Cup. There will be more. 안전놀이터 I think I have to prepare well because there are enough opportunities all over the world. If the opportunity comes, I want to go out, and I have to do well here to go out. I think I need to do well in the K League first and aim for the opportunity,” he added.

For Kim Jun-hong, each game in front of him is very important. “I feel like I need to live up to the expectations after the U-20 World Cup, so I’m preparing well. If you come to the stadium a lot, we will show you a better performance and a good result.” Gimcheon will face the Jeonnam Dragons on the 20th.

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