Ulsan Hyundai’s community-oriented program ‘Making Healthy Schools-Visiting Soccer Classes’ has resumed after 3 years.

The visiting soccer class, which took a three-year break due to the aftermath of Corona 19, started again on the 15th at Okdong Elementary School in Nam-gu, Ulsan. The visiting soccer class is a community-based program in which Ulsan athletes visit the school and conduct a ‘soccer clinic’ to increase interest in soccer among local children and increase game viewing. Since Ulsan signed an MOU with the Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education in 2013 for ‘Healthy School Creation’, it has been actively exchanging with local educational institutions.

The first soccer class in three years was held at a more special school. This is because the class was held at Okdong Elementary School, the alma mater of Seol Young-woo, a defender from Ulsan and a former youth. Eom Won-sang, who has established himself as the K-League representative winger, also joined as a daily instructor to make the event more meaningful.

An hour-long dribble clinic for a total of 40 Okdong Elementary School Public Sports Soccer Club students, Seol Young-woo and Eom Won-sang, who taught mini-soccer games, held an autograph session with the students and took commemorative photos, giving each student an unforgettable time. made it 메이저놀이터

Seol Young-woo said, “This is my first social contribution activity since my professional debut, and even going to my alma mater made me feel touched and excited. I hope it was a good time for my juniors as much as it was a good time for me in many ways.” . Eom Won-sang also said, “It was funny to see (Seol) Young-woo nervous unlike usual, and it was cool to see him guiding in a very serious way. I think he was motivated by a different activity during the season.”

Ulsan’s healthy school creation campaign, which celebrates its 11th year this year, will continue active community-based activities, starting with visiting soccer classes in the 2023 season. Organizations wishing to visit or participate in Ulsan’s campaign can apply and make inquiries through the social contribution manager.

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