“Veteran” Lee Cheong-yong (35, Ulsan Hyundai) is still excited to play in front of Cloud fans. After a successful comeback match, he expressed his hope that many fans would visit the stadium in the future.

Lee Cheong-yong scored the winning goal in the 2023 Hana One Q K League 1 3rd round away match against FC Seoul held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 12th, leading the team to a 2-1 come-from-behind victory. 

Lee Chung-yong, who was unable to play in the previous two games due to injury, was replaced by Lee Kyu-seong in the 20th minute of the second half of the day and stepped on the ground for the first time. In the 42nd minute of the second half, when the two teams were closely matched, Ataru quickly handled a free kick awarded for a foul by Seoul goalkeeper Choi Cheol-won, and Martin Adam’s first shot was blocked, but Lee Chung-yong’s second shot cut the net. 

Lee Chung-yong, who faced the reporters after the game, said, “Personally, playing against my own team is special every time. He has scored a goal against Seoul before, but it feels strange,” he said. 

Although he is an opponent, he encouraged Choi Cheol-won, who made a fatal mistake. Lee Cheong-yong said, “In a way, it happened in a short moment, but it seems that our players made good judgments quickly. That is part of the game, and I hope (Choi Cheol-won) will become a bigger player through experience.”  슈퍼벳 토토

On this day, 20,549 spectators entered the Seoul World Cup Stadium. The box office success that continued from the opening match between Ulsan and Jeonbuk Hyundai (28,039 people) continues. Thanks to that, the stadium heats up hot every time. For players, a full crowd is a strength. 

Lee Cheong-yong, who played the first game of the season in a cloud crowd, said, “It was fun to play in a long time. Many fans came. I hope the K-League is like this every time, every year.” 

A special guest also visited Sangam. Jurgen Klinsmann, the new coach of the national soccer team, watched the match between Seoul and Ulsan. Lee Chung-yong said, “There are many players on our team who can be called up to the national team at any time,” but “I think the players thought that if they achieved their goals as a team, there would be a place of honor for them individually. All players were focused on winning the team.” 

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