“Are we the No. 1 team?” the team jokingly asks. It’s not just a joke – if the air on and off the field and the signals coming from the media are any indication, this is not your typical pennant race leader.

LG, which has been fighting for the lead since the start of the season and has also taken the lead in the second half of the season, is fighting not only with the other nine teams, but also with another ‘enemy’.

In terms of individual performance, LG is still in first place. As of the 26th, the team is ranked first in batting average (0.282), first in team OPS (0.758), and first in team ERA (3.62).

The starting rotation, which has been on the “chopping block” since the start of the season, hasn’t actually been as bad as the hype suggests. As recently as June, LG was third in the division with a 3.71 starting ERA. SSG, which was battling for the top spot in the two-team system, was seventh in the division with a 4.39 ERA at the same time. On paper, SSG’s starters were clearly worse, but for some reason, league officials felt differently.

LG starters really went downhill after July. After only 10 games, they have the worst ERA in the league at 6.43. We’re slipping back into the “starting pitching trade” frame, a topic that has repeatedly risen and fallen from the surface of the water like the body of a breaststroke swimmer.

LG still has time to use the trade deadline to make a decision to bolster its starting rotation. Much will depend on the moves of trade partners. But with its starting pitching thirst so publicized, LG is a definite “no” in the trade market. They may have to sell their souls in order to buy the potential to win, not the actual championship.

LG shouldn’t even be a target because they should be an ‘A’ team for starting pitching, but that would require them to lose a significant portion of their existing strengths. In fact, teams that have been informally linked to LG in the past have reportedly been looking for more than just starting pitching, they’ve been looking for batting average and positive alpha.

Perhaps the biggest challenge in front of LG is not the starting rotation, but the impatience that comes with pressure from the outside, which may be the first thing to overcome in the second half of the season.

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop is the type of coach who has a detailed season plan, with a Plan A, Plan B, and even a Plan C. A lot of it is shared with the media and the team. 메이저사이트

This year, LG also started the season with a plan. The same can be said for the starting staff, which has changed a lot from the basic plan from the starting lineup. Two players, Im Chan-gyu and Lee Jung-yong, who started the season in the bullpen, were moved to the starting rotation.

The impatience was partly due to the quality of the starters, who were not performing up to expectations, but it was also due to the club’s overall sentiment, which came from somewhere, even though the team’s overall metrics were pretty good.

It’s late July, and it’s hot and loud outside. What LG needs right now is coolness. It’s time for a cooler head, against all odds.

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