Eden Hazard has revealed that he wants to play for Real Madrid next season. 

On the 14th (Korean time), transfer market expert Fabricio Romano delivered a statement about Hazard’s future through his SNS. Hazard said: “I want to stay at Real Madrid. I’ve always said this. I want to show that I can still play. People may have their doubts, but my contract is with Real Madrid next year.”

Hazard joined Real Madrid from Chelsea in 2019. At the time, Real Madrid were looking for a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo after he left for Juventus. As a result, he showed interest in Hazard, who was called the best crack in the English Premier League (EPL). And he invested 115 million euros (about 161.5 billion won) to achieve the recruitment. 

However, Azar’s move was different from expectations. From his first year at the club, he was plagued by controversy over being overweight. It was similar after that. His continued poor self-management and frequent injuries kept him from looking like his Chelsea days. He naturally fell behind even in the main competition. He also played only 3 Spanish La Liga games (1 starter, 2 substitutes) this season. He has no attack points.  오락실 토토

Injuries are particularly serious. I was also injured in early February. It’s already the 3rd time this season alone. From the time of joining Real Madrid, the total period of absence due to injury so far is about 480 days. This time, he got rid of the injury relatively quickly, but he was only listed on the replacement list and has not been able to play.  

As similar situations continued to recur, news broke that manager Carlo Ancelotti had begun to turn away from Hazard. Hazard is under contract with Real Madrid until the summer of 2024. However, because of his precarious position, he may leave this summer. Even from Real’s point of view, it seems that he is considering selling Hazard, his surplus resource.

Nevertheless, Azar expressed his intention to remain. In particular, Hazard retired from the Belgian national soccer team in December last year. Regarding this reason, he mentioned, “I couldn’t play for Real Madrid, but I couldn’t see myself joining the national team and playing.”

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