A variety of things happen in a baseball game. It was like that on this day too. An unprecedented match unfolded beyond everyone’s expectations.

Chattanooga Lookout, a double-A team under the Cincinnati Reds, played a double-header game (7 innings) against the Rocket City Trash Panthers, a double-A team under the Los Angeles Angels of the ‘2023 Minor League’ held at Toyota Field in Madison, Alabama, USA on the 9th (Korean time). We won 7-5.

Today’s victory was a bit absurd. Chattanooga didn’t hit a single hit, but scored seven runs. How did it happen?

Early in the game, Chattanooga was dragged unilaterally. I couldn’t attack the opponent’s mound with no hits, and I fell behind 0-3. The flow of the last attack, the 7th inning, has changed. This is because Rocket City’s pitcher, who took the mound to finish the game, was shaken.

Chattanooga got 3 walks and had a chance to score with 2 outs. Afterwards, after making it 1-3 with a push walk, all runners stepped home when the opposing center fielder made a catch error and succeeded in turning 4-3. Opportunities continued. After taking another opportunity to load the bases with two consecutive batters on a walk, he scored 3 runs with two 4-balls and a wild throw, and ran away to 7-3.

Chattanooga gave up two runs to the opponent in the bottom of the 7th, but did not allow any more runs and won 7-5. He set a new record for winning without giving up a single hit. 토토사이트

MLB.com, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, said, “Rocket City had three outcounts left until the team had no hits, but relief pitcher Ben Joyce was shaken.” ‘ said, “he wrote.

The official Minor League SNS account also highlighted the game after the game, saying, “I don’t think you’ve ever seen a scoreboard like this (when a no-hit team wins).”

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